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Market study and business exploration

Reliable information and indicators, collected in the field, for your installation and development decisions on the market.

    Market analysis
    We carry out actions to help you guide your strategy and your decision-making:
    • polls, census, geolocation ...
    • qualitative and quantitative ground surveys
    • interviews with actors, resellers, etc.

    Product / consumer tests
    Test your products on the market, in the commercial circuit and with direct consumers:
    • sample tests on the market (sellers)
    • final consumer tests, families, households.
    • consumer assessment and feedbacks

Some examples of market exploration missions

US Grains Council : identification, visits, meetings and enrollment in various programs, of actors in the chain of import, manufacture and marketing of poultry and livestock feed in Senegal: industrialists, producers, institutions...
Loréal Paris : a field study intended to assess the size, the state and the potential of the market. +2400 hair salon managers interviewed in the Dakar region by our agents, on different aspects of their work and business.