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Ophthalmic Chair Unit

Added on : 2015-06-10 01:26:10
Suppliers : LOGIN (India)
Categories : Medical Equipment

OPHTHALMIC CHAIR UNIT This Chair is modular floor chair with back seat and supporting seat for comfort. This chair can be used in open and close states. It provides a flexible support and a closed position. FEATURES: A Multi Functional Unit for Comfortable Uses by Ophthalmologist. Minimum occupancy space and supplies Refraction / Examination in one unit. With slit lamp, Auto Refractometer, Ophthalmoscope / Retinoscope, chair elevation & auxiliary outlet. This versatile unit has effortless lateral movement. The chair can be rotated 1800 around the axis an electrical input. Can be locked at any position. The elegant smooth and noiseless chair can receive up to 1800 through a motion movement. SPECIFICATIONS: Up / Back (Forward): DC 24 V Headset: Detachable Elevation

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