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Surgery box for cesarean section

Added on : 2015-06-21 06:59:30
Suppliers : LOGIN (Ivory Coast)
Categories : Medical Equipment

Surgery box for complete caesarean section, 21 instruments. Composition: autoclave sterilization container with dimensions: 465x280x135mm uterine scissors pair of sims, right 20 cm Ref. 08.510.20 (1 piece) pairs of uterine scissors of sims, curve 20 cm Ref. 08.511.20 (1 piece) pair of chirur scissors. Right foam-acute 14,5 cm Ref. 08.120.14 (1 piece) straight bengolea forceps 26 cm without claws Ref. 12.384.26 (2 pieces) Kocher's right forceps 14 cm with claws Ref. 12.322.14 (6 pieces) straight peanut grip 14 cm without claw Ref. 12.312.14 (6 pieces) 20 cm claw dissecting forceps Ref. 10.120.20 (1 piece) dissecting forceps without claw 18 cm Ref. 10.102.18 (1 piece) Backaus field clip 9 cm Ref. 14.111.09 (5 pieces) heart clip 16 cm collin Ref. 12.376.16 (4 pieces) needle holder of mayo hegard 20 cm Ref. 24.180.20 (1 piece) Gosset spreader with central valve Ref. 18.762.16 (1 piece) spreader of farabeuf (the

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