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Added on : 2015-04-14 01:37:52
Suppliers : LOGIN (France)
Categories : Telecommunication & Mobile Phones Internet & Multimédia

After allowing millions of users to turn their car into a Wifi hotspot. Autobox finally arrives on the African continent. The Autobox kit, complete, easy to install, compact allows you to connect your car to the Internet in 5 minutes. You distribute the signal in the cockpit and offer WiFi to your customers, so during their journey, they can check their emails, go to Facebook, listen to music or watch a movie. All types of devices can connect to the Autobox, up to 8 simultaneous connected. Autobox is equipped with a 32GB storage card that allows you to offer them a bouquet of movies, broadcast clips on your area or make them discover music. In addition to the fun aspect, Autobox allows you to have a GPS and a lot of other services for the driver. In search of development on African countries, any business offer will be studied.

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