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Added on : 2016-01-11 06:56:01
Suppliers : LOGIN (Algeria)
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Composition Ingredients: 100% organic olives-Origin of KABYLIE (ALGERIA) Characteristics: Acidity: Less than 0.8% EXTRA VIRGIN, 0.8% and 2% VIRGIN Nutritional values in 100ml of finished product: Energy ( 899 Proteins (g): <0.1% Carbohydrates (g): <0.1% Fat (g) Of which saturated fatty acids (g) Taste Odor: Bitter, aromatic sensations of the fruit. Shelf Life and Expected Preservation Conditions: Limited Shelf Life (DLC): twenty four (24) months Store in a clean, cool, dry (<25 ° C) and protected from light Packaging: Bottle tinted glass, with a capacity of 0.50L, sealed aluminum screw cap and composed of a pourer and a resealable anti-drip cap Instructions for use: After opening store in a cool place

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