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Agilent 8753ES option 006

Added on : 2015-06-10 01:58:37
Suppliers : LOGIN (Taiwan)
Categories : Telecommunication & Mobile Phones

Options: 006 006 --- 6 GHz Frequency Extension Description Agilent 8753ES 30KHz - 6GHz S-Parameter Vector Network Analyzer The 8753ES RF network analyzers ease of use and high performance make it ideal for use in research and development . The integrated S-parameter test set covers ranges from 30kHz to 6GHz and it has a 110db dynamic range. The 8753ES is a powerful tool for your measurement requirements. In addition the 8753ES includes frequency and power sweeps, fast sweep and data transfer speeds, pass / fail testing and magnitude and phase measurements in both forward and reverse directions. Features 30kHz to 6GHz Frequency and power sweeps Available in 50 ohm

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