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HP ProLiant DL380 Server

Added on : 2015-05-04 09:54:17
Suppliers : LOGIN (Senegal)
Categories : Computer, materials

Enhanced performance and durability for demanding parallel ramp-up applications • Intel® Xeon 5600 Series processors deliver higher performance, increased power efficiency, and improved scalability with: Intel QuickPath, Integrated Memory Controller, Turbo Boost, Intelligent Power Technologies and Trusted Execution Technology • Up to 384 GB of registered DIMM memory (48 GB without buffer): Memory-hungry applications can take advantage of buffer, higher speeds, 4: 1 memory interleaving and more. greater memory capacity. • Advanced ECC memory corrects 4-bit memory errors that occur in a DRAM chip in DIMM memory. Mirrored memory provides protection against unrecoverable memory errors without degrading system memory performance. Online backup memory adds protection against

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