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N.Gas Burner BRX model from 70kw up to 16800kw

Ajouté le : 2018-04-17 13:32:14
Fournisseur : CONNECTEZ-VOUS (Turquie)
Catégories : Energie, Hydrocarbures Machines, équipements et matériel

More quiet running with light and special-bodied construction and monoblock coupled onto fan Being able to run in corrosion and acidic places through ‘’static paint application’’ for burner body and its panel. Quick installation and Serviceability with special connection system. Designing for Mechanic or Electronic modulation kit on all of modulating products according to customer request. Producing and Running in Accord with European standards EN 676 and CE for gas burning devices. Service actions can be made without the need to disconnect the burner from the boiler to take mixing unit down during servicing. Fully closed air damper during the stop of the system to prevent heat losses from the chimney. Opportunity for safe connection of gas leak system and pressurestats thanks to Multiblock connection Opportunity of regulating air ratio from turbulator in the combustion cap Flame control with ionisation method. Controllability of ionisation current by microamperemeter. IP 40 protection (4: degree of protection against solids) (0:degree of protection against liquids) Opportunity for socket connection for electrical connection and comand control.

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