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IV Cannula / intravenous catheter

Added on : 2017-09-30 06:43:44
Suppliers : LOGIN (India)
Categories : Medical Equipment Para-pharmacy and pharmacy

IV Cannula / intravenous catheter / peripheral perfector: iv cannula | intravenous catheter | venous device | JK MEDIRISE | Cánula iv | Intravenous catethes | Venoso periférico | Cannula iv | Intravenous catheter | Peripheral vein | Needle type bevel to facilitate less traumatic insertion. Thin-walled FEP catheter with opaque X-ray line. The flexible and auspicious catheter is double tapered with a rounded tip for a smooth introduction and minimal discomfort for the patient. Injection port with unidirectional valve and color-coded cap for intermittent and safe medication delivery during infusion. The flexible wings provide easy and secure attachment and also prevent skin contact with the Luer Lock connector. Large transparent back room for easy view of blood return. Luer lock cap to close the proximal end of the catheter

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