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RF Connector, Adapter, Cable

Added on : 2015-06-11 23:49:57
Suppliers : LOGIN (Taiwan)
Categories : Telecommunication & Mobile Phones

BNC FME MMCX SMA SMB SSMA TNC UHF HUATIEN TECH provides various types of RF Connectors, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Attenuators & Test Cables. We also offer OEM & ODM services. Please contact us or visit our website for more information. Here is your stock, if you are not in the market. Series DESC MAT QTY (PCS) RP TNC RP TNC (M) CRIMP 8X DGN 2 RP TNC RP TNC (M) -N (F) DGN 2 SMA SMA (M) CRIMP 174U TGG 3 SMA SMA (F) CRIMP 58U TGN 2 SMA SMA (F) 4 HOLE PANEL RECEPTACLE SOLDER TGG 3 SMA SMA (F) 2 HOLE PANEL RECEPTACLE SOLDER TGG 4 SMA SMA (F) MOUNT RECEPTACLE PCB TGG 4 SMA SMA (F) R / AP.CB MOUNT (15.1mm) S6.35 TGG 6 SMA SMA (F) N / A PCB MOUNT (S) 20.5mm S6.35 TGG 4 SMA SMA (F) -SMA (F) TGN 7 SMA SMA (F) -N (M) TGN 5 SMA SMA (F) -BNC (M) TGN / DGN 2P / 2P SMA SMA (F) -MI UHF (M) DGN 3 SMA SMA (M) -SMB (F) TGG 2 SMA SMA (F) -MC CARD (M) ) TGG 4 RP ADM RP ADM (M) CRIMP 174U TGG 2 RP ADM RP ADM (M) CRIMP 213U TGG 3 RP

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