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Acquisition of school supplies for schools in Thiou commune

Demande de Prix - Area : Burkina Faso flag | Added on : 2019-05-18 | Expires on : 2019-05-23
Posted by : Dobiza


Request for Quote

N °: 2019 - 06 / RNRD / PYTG / C-TU / SG of March 25th, 2019

Funding: MENA transferred funds; chap 605

This request for quotation is a follow-up to the adoption of the 2019 Management Procurement Plan of the Municipality of Thiou.

The Municipality of Thiou, the full identification of which is pre-calised to the particular data of the price request (DPDPX) launches a price request for the acquisition of school supplies for the benefit of the schools of the commune of Thiou, such as described in the Application Data.

Participation in the competition is open to all natural and legal persons as long as they are not banned or suspended and in good standing with regard to administration. The acquisition is in a single lot: Acquisition ...

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