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Purchase of 105 animal draft composting seeders

Demande de Prix - Area : Niger flag | Added on : 2019-05-18 | Expires on : 2019-05-23
Posted by : Dobiza

Republic of Niger

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

National Institute of Agronomic Research of Niger INRAN

Public Scientific, Cultural and Technical Establishment (EPSC / T)

Notice of Request for Information and Prices

N ° 0 0 2 / INRAN / 2 0 1 9

This notice of invitation to tender is part of the execution of the annual forecasting plan issued in the Sahel N ° 9 6 9 0 of 1 9 March 2 0 1 9 and in the SIGMAP.

1. The National Institute for Agronomic Research of Niger (INRAN) is seeking closed bids from eligible candidates who meet the qualifications required for the delivery of the following supplies: One hundred and five (1 0 5) animal-drawn composting seed drills of which seventy-five (7 5) of type ...

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