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Info Dobiza

Vehicle Acquisition (DGPU)

Price quote Country :Sénégal Added on : 2018-04-20 - Expires on : 2018-04-20

Posted by the company : Dobiza

A People - A Goal - a Faith
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General Delegation for the Promotion of the Urban Poles of Diamniadio and Rose Lake (DGPU)
DRPCO F_DGPU_021 / 2018

1) This Notice of Inquiry and Open Competition Award follows the General Procurement Notice published in the Sun of December 15, 2017.

2) DG PU has included in its 2018 budget appropriations for the vehicle acquisition (32-seater bus).

3) The award of the Contract will be conducted by Request for Information and Open Price as defined in the Code des Marches Publics, and open to all eligible candidates who meet the required qualifications. / p>

4) . Interested candidates may obtain information from the General Delegation for the Promotion of Diamniadio and Rose Lake Urban Poles (DGPU) 2nd Floor, Atryum Center Building, ...

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