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Contract of Works, Supplies and Services of Intellectual Services (AIBD)

Manifestation - Area : Sénégal flag | Added on : 2018-02-12 | Expires on : 2018-02-16
Posted by : Dobiza

A People - A Goal - a Faith
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Ministry of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development
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Blaise Diagne International Airport
General Procurement Notice
Management 2018

1. Blaise Diagne International Airport, acting in the name and on behalf of the Ministry of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development, is executing, under the Management 2018, as part of the Consolidated Budget for Investment and Operating Budget, a public procurement program.

2. Acquisitions, calls for tenders and inquiries and open competition awards concern the following areas:

• Works

-Comfortable Work-Diass Protection Dalot

-Terrassement Roads and Other Networks phase 2

- Construction Treasury Perception at Diass

- Diass High School Rehabilitation and CEM Soun

• Supplies

-Acquisition hardware, software and consumables

• Intellectual services / consultants

-Selection of a prime contractor for ...

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