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Acquisition of compressors and pumps for auxiliaries

Tender Country :Sénégal Added on : 2017-10-18 - Expires on : 2017-10-18

Posted by the company : Dobiza


AO # 70/2017

1. This invitation to tender follows the General Procurement Notice published on the public markets website and in THE SUN of January 05, 2017.

2. SENELEC received funds as part of its budget to finance projects to make its facilities more reliable and to use part of these funds to carry out projects. Payments under the Purchasing of compressors and pumps for auxiliaries market.

3. SENELEC is soliciting closed bids from eligible candidates who are qualified to:
- Lot 1: Compressor supply 30 bar;
- Lot 2: Supply electric food boiler recovery;
- Lot 3: Electropump supply of heavy fuel oil transfer to separator;
- Lot 4: Supply of electric feeder FO and electric pump feeder DO; ...

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